April 26, 2011

blog design: the roxy loves

what i did ♥
simplified and widened the blog beyond allowed template widths, made all backgrounds a blank white, removed all borders shadows accents and lines, created numerous header concepts through photoshop editing using different fonts, centred the header, created buttons using photoshop for labels to create a personal menu, simplified usability and layout by reducing amount of unneeded widgets, removed 'blogger template' widget from the bottom of the page, transferred full blog design to The Roxy Loves admin and ensured full ease of use for Hannah.


what Hannah said ♥
"I first requested a LOT from Abby, and she dealt with my request professionally and efficiently. The whole way through she remained in constant communication with me, helping bring my ideas and vision for my blog to life. She is creative and incredibly talented when it comes to html and blog design. I LOVE my finished blog and really couldn't of done even half of it without her! Her prices are amazing too :D !!
Thank you Abby!"

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