April 20, 2011

header design: my precious nail polish

what i did ♥
created numerous header concepts for My Precious Nail Polish using handwritten non web fonts in a variety of shades and developed my own sketches of nail polish bottles into an image used in the header and for the twitter button.

what Marilou said ♥
"I was so fed up of my insipid and unpersonal previous blog header. I knew exactly what I wanted but I had no clue whatsoever on how to do it.

Then via Twitter, hallelujah, Abby came into my life. I was very surprised to see that she had such a great experienced blog design with very affordable prices so I went for it.

Not only she is super sweet but she was so attuned to all my blog header makeover wishes. She made it so much easier and gave me loads of choices. I absolutely love what she did and will definitely reach to her again for my next blog makeover.

Thank you Abby for making all my blog-design-dreams come true :)"

1 comment:

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