May 05, 2011

blog design: musings of a makeup maniac

what i did ♥
created numerous header concepts using a variety of backgrounds and text suiting Julie's original specifications, made sidebar column completely transparent, using original logos I created numerous youtube and twitter button concepts to work with the final header image, chose a simple but unique coral colour theme and implicated through out the links, background and page menu, centered page menu, removed 'powered by blogger'  transferred full blog design to Musings of a Makeup Maniac admin and ensured full ease of use for Julie.

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what julie said ♥
"Over the past few months, I'd really disliked the layout of my blog; I found it boring, plain and slightly messy. When I looked at other blogs, they were wider, colourful and looked a lot more professional than mine. When I found out abbzzw, whose blog layout I adored, was offering to transform blogs, I literally jumped at the chance. Not only was she prompt at answering any emails I sent, but she explained in basic terms how it could be changed and gave lovely ideas. For someone like me who has such limited experience in html and design, she was a godsend. Her ideas were unique and she listened to everything I wanted, while still being able to creatively put together ideas for me. Not only was she extremely professional in the way she carried out m blog change, but she gave me plenty of ideas of what would work for me. I love the result, she listened to the fact that I wanted a pale/pastel background that didn't detract from the content and created a banner that I love. I would really recommend her to anyone who wants a change and who has little experience in design, Abby manages to help you find what it is you want without you even realising it!"

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