"Abby is Fabby. Yes, it rhymes and yes, it is true. I love my blog and feel like it is my baby, which as you can imagine, makes handing it over to somebody else to design, VERY difficult indeed. I need not have worried because Abby was so brilliant at sprucing it up and I felt I was in very safe hands. I told her my situation and we worked together to create something wonderful. Abby was incredibly patient with me - I did a lot of umming and arring, and she always had great ideas and suggestions. She worked quickly and professionally. Abby was always honest with me if she felt an idea wouldn't work or that she wasn't sure where to go with, there was so hype or pretence. I am so grateful to Abby for what she has done for me and have recomended her to all my chums - she is a wizz."
♥ Louise - Sprinkle Of Glitter

"I discovered abby's design work through another blogger and via twitter. I was really impressed with the style and depth of her knowledge so i dropped her an email. Straight away Abby was helpful and even with my lack of technical knowledge with just one email she knew what it was i needed help with. I changed my mind a few times about what it was i wanted for my blog, Abby waited patiently for me to make my mind up. She completed the blog layout in a few hours. I gave her my blog details i came back from work, fuss-free and perfect. It was just how i had imagined it to look. She even helped me with extra little bits free of charge which really meant a lot because i am useless at html coding. Abby's work was quick, precise and professional."
♥ Ella - Ella Masters

"Not only is Abby a complete whiz when it comes to blog design, she's also a complete delight to work with for Bigcartel Store design as well. I had a very definite idea but not the know-how in my mind when I contacted Abby asking for help re-jigging my store layout - and she happily obliged to my every whim, giving her honest opinion on what would work and what wouldn't - what's better is when I want to tweak something small now, all I have to do is give her a quick tweet and she'll help me wherever possible. I'm trying to convince her to become my sole web designer so watch this space ;) xx"
♥ Sophie - Crown and Glory Hair Accessories

"I was getting ridiculously fed up with my very unpretty & unprofessional looking blog! I asked a bunch of beauty bloggers if they could recommend me anyone who would be able to create a fabulous new and improved blog design for a tiny price - I was instantly recommended Abby @abbzzw designs. Abby was both incredibly friendly and professional. She also understood wholeheartedly how important my blog was to me. She went out of her way to make my flaky ideas come to full blown life and spent a long time on the little details that I felt strongly about being incorporated into the design. Abby also gave me her honest opinion, when (a lot of the time) I felt I needed a bit of design advice. She gave me many imagery, colours and font designs to choose from. More importantly, if there was something I wasn't too keen on, I could tell her and she would happy alter anything. I'm very impressed with her creatively, kindness and professional service she proivided. I would definitely recommend Abby, if you are considering polishing up your blog!"
♥ Brittany Love

"I decided to ask Abby for a blog re-design because I was bored of mine looking messy and had seen others that Abby had designed and I'd really loved them. She was really helpful throughout the whole process and nothing was too much to ask for. She had really reasonable prices and made sure you knew exactly what you were paying for. I loved the fact that Abby gave you a link so that you could see the process of your blog design and if you wanted something changing she'd get on it straight away. I really enjoyed working with Abby and I LOVE my new blog design. I'd definitely work with her again :)"
♥ Corrie - DizzyBrunette3

"I was getting really bored and frustrated with my plain blog design and Abby has totally transformed it for me. I am so pleased with the results! Abby has excellent communication throughout the whole design process and this allows you to include a lot input each step of the way. She frequently checks in with you to see if you are happy with the way things are going and she doesn't mind changing things either. I'm so glad I chose abbzzw design and I would recommend her to anyone."
♥ Lydia - Florabundance

"When I first conceived the idea of my cake business, I knew Abby would be the first source of advertising for the company. She has such a flair for feminine designs, and that was exactly what I was looking for when it came designing my business card (and to be done later – my website!). There are so many companies out there that are happy to offer you complete designs for business cards – which is exactly what I didn’t want. I had seen the same business card used for maybe three other cake companies so I had to stand out from the crowd. Everything had to be original. Abby knows me inside out, and with only a few pointers given to her, she knew exactly how to portray the business – even with such a small space to work with. I had given her a picture to use in the design, and she emphasised the colours used in the picture by implementing them in the text and border. Abby really captured everything I wanted out of the business cards – and so much more than I had expected! Her extremely affordable prices also meant that I wasn’t left out of pocket once I printed them, too. She’s an absolute star to work with, and I wouldn’t hesitate about asking her to help me expand the company’s advertising. Thank you so so soooooo much!!"
♥ Cakes by Kirsten - Girl with a wooden spoon

"Over the past few months, I'd really disliked the layout of my blog; I found it boring, plain and slightly messy. When I looked at other blogs, they were wider, colourful and looked a lot more professional than mine. When I found out abbzzw, whose blog layout I adored, was offering to transform blogs, I literally jumped at the chance. Not only was she prompt at answering any emails I sent, but she explained in basic terms how it could be changed and gave lovely ideas. For someone like me who has such limited experience in html and design, she was a godsend. Her ideas were unique and she listened to everything I wanted, while still being able to creatively put together ideas for me. Not only was she extremely professional in the way she carried out m blog change, but she gave me plenty of ideas of what would work for me. I love the result, she listened to the fact that I wanted a pale/pastel background that didn't detract from the content and created a banner that I love. I would really recommend her to anyone who wants a change and who has little experience in design, Abby manages to help you find what it is you want without you even realising it!"
♥ Julie - Musings of a Makeup Maniac

"Although I was content with the web design of my vintage online shop, I felt that there was certainly room for improvement and knew it would be an investment for my shop. Everyone has an image in their mind of exactly how they'd like their blog or website to be. I knew that in order for my website to be just as I wanted it to be I'd need some help. I knew Abby had completed some brilliant blog design work in the past but was unsure whether she would be able to help with my website as it required something different from blog design. When I contacted Abby she was seemed really positive and enthusiastic about helping me out. I sent her bits and pieces of other websites to show the features I wanted on my website and guided her with some lose descriptions. I was dead impressed that Abby managed to get the website looking exactly how I wanted it to be through just a few emails and pictures. I have already have lots of positive feedback about the new design and am in little doubt that Abby's wonderful design will help to improve the future of my shop."
♥ Ella - Belle Vintage

"I first requested a LOT from Abby, and she dealt with my request professionally and efficiently. The whole way through she remained in constant communication with me, helping bring my ideas and vision for my blog to life. She is creative and incredibly talented when it comes to html and blog design. I LOVE my finished blog and really couldn't of done even half of it without her! Her prices are amazing too :D !! Thank you Abby!"
♥ Hannah - The Roxy Loves

"I was so fed up of my insipid and unpersonal previous blog header. I knew exactly what I wanted but I had no clue whatsoever on how to do it. Then via Twitter, hallelujah, Abby came into my life. I was very surprised to see that she had such a great experienced blog design with very affordable prices so I went for it. Not only she is super sweet but she was so attuned to all my blog header makeover wishes. She made it so much easier and gave me loads of choices. I absolutely love what she did and will definitely reach to her again for my next blog makeover. Thank you Abby for making all my blog-design-dreams come true :)" ♥ Marilou - My Precious Nail Polish

"I have wanted a blog makeover for quite a while. I felt my blog was very childish, squished together and just generally not to my tastes. A quick plee on twitter and I was pointed in Abby's direction. I was quite nervous about contacting Abby of Abbzzw designs at first as I thought I was going to make a fool of myself because she obviously knows all the correct terms for everything to do with a blog layout. I on the otherhand know nothing so after a few hours of "Oohhh shall I, shant I", I finally bit the bullet and sent an email. Honestly I don't know why I worried so much because she was soo lovely and very helpful. Although I felt I had written a complete bunch of gibberish, Abby said I was actually very clear about what I wanted. After a few more emails, Abby knew exactly what I wanted and she had some amazing ideas for my blog. I was constantly kept up to date with what was happening and changing and I was even given a link to a 'test blog' which was so exciting to watch everything changing. Abby sent me numerous headers, fonts, gadget headers and although she had gone to a great deal of effort, she still stated if I didn't like any of them she would start from scratch. Thankfully I fell in love with the first one I saw. I couldn't tell you everything that was changed on my blog, because like I said I don't have a clue about anything to do with blog layouts/internet design, but I can tell you my blog is now a million-billion percent better. It is easy to get around, the pictures are huge like I have always wanted and it is the perfect colour scheme to suit my tastes. Also Abby's prices are very affordable. I have been on blog design sites before where the prices start at £90+ and I didn't pay Abby anywhere near that. I definately recommend Abbzzw designs to anyone who is wanting a blog makeover, you will not regret it!!"
♥ Ashlie - Diamonds and Pearls

"Not only does my blog layout look clean, pretty and easy to navigate around - Abby is also a lovely girl who is easy to work with and incorporates your ideas into something gorgeous! I'm so happy with the way my blog has turned out, it looks amazing, thank you :) xx"
♥ Jemma - Bamboozle Beauty

"I knew for a while that I wanted to vamp up the look of my blog & make it nicer looking & my own, as it was looking a tad…blah! But unfortunately I am completely & utterly useless when it comes to computers! Just mention html codes to me & I break out in a sweat! Thankfully though the lovely Abby came to my aid :) I first heard about abbzzw designs from the awesome Steph over at Topshop Princess, whose blog looks utterly fab, everything from the header to the layout, so after asking her how I could go about working on improving the look of mine, she kindly directed me to Abby! It really was such a pleasure speaking with Abby via email, she was so kind & professional & gave some great advice, throwing me many ideas that could work for my blog as well as listening to the ideas that I’d had in my mind as well. I wanted to achieve a vintage-y feel to my blog, with a nice looking background, pictures & header & she did just that! On her suggestion we decided on going for the subtle grey background which I love, as black was definitely too harsh looking & I totally adore my new header which she designed pretty much spot on to what I wanted! I was extremely impressed with everything, not to mention her fantastic prices! I absolutely love my new blog design & there is no way I could have got it without her! Would recommend her to everyone in a second! Thank you so much for all your help sweety :)"
♥ Aysha - Truly Madly Beauty

"Thank you soo much Abby! I absolutely love my blog design! The layout is more me than before, it has a lot more character. It's really pretty and easy to navigate. Abby is soo lovely, she's really easy to talk to and work with! She listens to what you want and she has some great ideas! If you are looking to give your blog a new look, then definitely talk to Abby! Thank you again x"
♥ Dionne - Beauty from the inside out

"Before Abby's help, my blog was a hopeless HTML mess but she so kindly and painstakingly sorted through all the muddled code and made it so much easier for me to make changes to. Everything looks so neat and tidy now and I love that she's always so willing to help out if you ever need anything, however big or small. So if like me you are hopeless when it comes to these things, then let Abby work her magic on your blog. She transformed mine!"
♥ Georgie - Dreams that Glitter

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  1. Not only is Abby a complete whiz when it comes to blog design, she's also a complete delight to work with for Bigcartel Store design as well. I had a very definite idea but not the know-how in my mind when I contacted Abby asking for help re-jigging my store layout - and she happily obliged to my every whim, giving her honest opinion on what would work and what wouldn't - what's better is when I want to tweak something small now, all I have to do is give her a quick tweet and she'll help me wherever possible. I'm trying to convince her to become my sole web designer so watch this space ;) xx