March 01, 2011

blog templates update & changes: dreams that glitter xoxo

A short time ago Georgie from Dreams that glitter xoxo contacted me through twitter with a query for blog design. She was unable to access the new template designer section of the blogger administration making it incredible hard to update the design aspects of her blog.

what i did ♥
transferred the old blog template that was in place to the new template designer system bit by bit, developed title fonts to something more similar to the header, removed accents borders lines etc, widened blog to fit x-large images in posts, transferred full blog design to dreams that glitter xoxo admin and ensured full ease of use for Georgie.



what Georgie said ♥
"Before Abby's help, my blog was a hopeless HTML mess but she so kindly and painstakingly sorted through all the muddled code and made it so much easier for me to make changes to. Everything looks so neat and tidy now and I love that she's always so willing to help out if you ever need anything, however big or small. So if like me you are hopeless when it comes to these things, then let Abby work her magic on your blog. She transformed mine!"

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